Publications of the Community Health Works of San Francisco



Yes We Can Toolkit

No Longer Available

Yes We Can Toolkit: All the tools and training materials needed to start a best practice asthma management program in a community health center or public health clinic (2003).


Community Health Workers: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Highlights of our 1996 regional study with graphs. (1997) 2 pages.


Community Health Workers: Who They Are and What They Do.

Systematic survey conducted in eight counties of the San Francisco Bay Area in 1996 depicting expanding job opportunities for CHWs, areas of topical focus, wages, and competencies. (1996) 22 pages.


Research Round-up on Community Health Workers in the US.

Summary of studies done on CHWs and their role(s) in community health care teams. (1996) 7 pages.


The Emerging Role of the Community Health Worker in California.

Results of a Statewide Survey and San Francisco Bay Area Focus Groups on the Community Health Workers in California's Public Health System. (1992) 36 pages.


A Job Task Analysis for Community Health Workers.

Identification of main competencies CHWs perform on a daily basis providing a framework for a competency based training curriculum. Prepared by veteran CHWs using the DACUM (Develop a Curriculum) format. (1996) 8 pages.


What is Competency Based Education?

Chart contrasting traditional professional and vocational education approaches with a competency based education. (1996) 2 pages.


Performance Based Education for Community Health Workers.

Article for CHWs and managers describing the program's rationale for adopting a Performance Based Education approach. Published in the Healthy Mothers/Healthy Babies POWER Newsletter. (1997) 3 pages.


The Educational Approach of the Community Health Worker Certificate

Table comparing CHW approach with traditional approach to education. (1999) 3 pages.


Program Evaluation Highlights

Program evaluation for five academic years showing the high rates of employment, promotions, and transfers of Ceritificate students; from 1992-1998. (1998) 5 pages.


Just the facts about...Community Health Worker Certificate Program at City College of San Francisco

Information and frequently asked questions about the Certificate Program. (2000) 1 page.


City College of San Francisco Catalog Description

Catalog description from the CHW program at City College of San Francisco. (1996) 2 pages.


The Community Health Worker Training Program: Core Competencies

Chart of the core competencies that comprise the CHW Training Program. (1999) 2 pages.


Sample Competency Checklist

Sample of grading sheet used to score final practical exam at the end of our training exam at the end of our training certificate. We use the World Health Organization's Objective Structured Practical Exam Approach. (1997).


An Introduction to Dacum


Standards of Practice Manual